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On site custom workshops

We Are Puppeteers
offers custom workshops on site in schools, libraries, stores, churches, theaters, gardens, city parks, or homes.
We Are Puppeteers works with you to design workshops that meet your goals, whether the goal is educational or just for fun.

Custom Workshop Scenarios:

1. Shadow puppet workshops: Shadow puppets are fun for all ages. We Are Puppeteers has a variety of scripts and puppets that can be used to create an informal production. New scripts and puppets can be created depending on your budget.

Participants practice narration, puppet manipulation, sound effect creation, and considerable use of their imaginations. They learn about the importance of teamwork in a live performance.
Children in a workshop

Children with shadow puppets

2. Story writing:
The participants will learn how to write a story with a plot, a beginning, a middle and an end. Close attention will be focused on creating characters and writing logical dialog for each character.

3. Make and take workshops: The participant is engaged in puppet design and puppet construction. The participant creates a puppet to take home.
Photos of puppets

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