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Grandma Bibi book cover
Are Jackie’s Teeth Too Big?

My Teeth Are Too Big is a children’s book about  appearance and adapting to change. Self confidence  can be challenged as a child grows and changes.

Jackie Rabbit is teased and bullied by her school  friends after her adult teeth grow into place. Jackie  runs home and cries out for her parents. Her parents  team up to provide active listening and emotional support. But it takes a magical encounter with Lydia Lady bug to reinforce a positive message.
Using a spellbinding chant Lydia creates an enchanted atmosphere complete with ladybug dust and transformations. Lydia utilizes Jackie’s own imagination to demonstrate that her teeth are unique and beautiful. The story is an emotional journey for Jackie and the reader who has experienced this issue first hand.

Released: November 13, 2020
Pages: 48
Soft Cover: ISBN: 9781734126839
Hard Cover: ISBN: 9781734126822
Age Range: 5-8
Author and Illustrator: Vicki Riske
Soft or Hard Cover
Lydia Lady bug

Author: Vicki Riske
Photo of Vicki Riske
Vicki is originally from Minot, ND, but has been living in Mesa, AZ for over 30 years. She has been interested in puppetry  and storytelling for many years. She created puppets for theatre productions at NDSU in Fargo, ND.

Now she writes and illustrates children’s books. Her first book, The Polka Dot Tea Party, is about finding shapes in nature, fun, and friendship. Phoenix artist Laura Best illustrated her second book, Grandma Bibi, a heartwarming story about shared memories and love. It tackles the difficulties of memory loss in older loved ones from a child’s perspective. Her award winning book, Fishy Tales, has been translated into Spanish by Sonia Elizabeth Urrutia de Soto,  Los pececitos aventureros. These two books are about fish who love to swim, and play in the ocean. But encounter environmental problems in their water caused by plastic trash. This book is a great conversation starter for discussions on climate change and our responsibility to care for our planet earth.