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There are many great resources available to learn about puppetry. We are lucky to have many opportunities to see live puppet performances in Arizona.

Here are just a few of the many resources available.

Puppet Pie: https://puppetpie.com

Great Arizona Puppet Theater: https://azpuppets.org

Childsplay: https://www.childsplayaz.org

Puppeteers of America: https://www.puppeteers.org

The Phoenix Guild of Puppetry: https://phxpuppetguild.weebly.com

Union Internationale de la Marionnette: https://www.unima.org/en/

You and Me Puppets:  https://youandmepuppets.com

Shadow Puppets and Shadow Play
by David Currell

Making Shadow Puppets
by Jill Bryant and Catherine Heard

Puppetry a World History
by Eileen Blumenthal