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What could be more fun
than a tea party?

“A polka dot tea party of course,” says Jackie Rabbit, as she delivers party invitations to her friends.

This easy-to-read book is about friendship and discovery and contains full-color illustrations featuring fun representations of the Sonoran Desert and its inhabitants.

Put your polka dots on, make up some polka dot jokes, and warm up your dance moves with your favorite dance music.
The Polka Dot Tea Party book cover
Then join Jackie and her friends as they discover shapes in nature, sip tea, munch on cookes, sing, dance, tell jokes and laugh at the best polka dot tea party ever.

Jackie delivers invitations to the party
Released: March 14, 2024
Pages: 40
Softcover ISBN: 979-8-9885893-2-7
Hardcover ISBN: 979-8-9885893-3-4
Library of Congress Control Number: 2024900252
Age Range: 2-7
Author/Illustrator: Vicki Riske
Editor: Elisabeth Rinaldi
Inky Paw Editing, Inc.
Soft or Hard Cover

Vicki Riske
Photo of Vicki Riske

Just like Jackie Rabbit, the main character of this book, Vicki Riske has lived in the Arizona desert for many years.

After a career as a learning designer, she now spends time writing children’s stories, and designing and making puppets. She loves hiking in the desert around Phoenix, looking high and low for polka dots.

Vick is passionate about preserving the giant polka dot we all live on for future generations.

She writes and illustrates award winning children’s books. Her fourth book, Fishy Tales has been translated into Spanish by Sonia Elizabeth Urrutia de Soto, Los pececitos aventureros. These two books are about fish who love to swim, and play in the ocean. But encounter environmental problems in their water caused by plastic trash. This book is a great conversation starter for discussions on climate change and our responsibility to care for our planet earth.

Phoenix artist Laura Best illustrated Grandma Bibi, a heartwarming story about shared memories and love. It tackles the difficulties of memory loss in older loved ones from a child’s perspective. Sonia Elizabeth Urrutia de Soto, translated Grandma Bibi into the Spanish version, La Abuela Bibi.

My Teeth Are Too Big, is about the challenges that come with change and how the magic of dreams can help us cope.